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I live a life of purpose, embracing my passion for helping people live their most empowered lives to the fullest.

When you embrace your whole human experience you will be on the path to a fulfilled, satisfied, productive, and purposeful life.


You can be achieving professional success, rock-solid in your career, doing all the right things, making moves up the ladder, and still dread getting up in the morning.

You can have a rich social life, an affluent life abroad, surrounded by friends and loved ones, and living a life of “eat, drink and be merry”… without the merry.

About Meera My Personal Story Page - When you embrace your whole human experience

“I know this

because I have

lived it.”

Not that long ago, from the outside, my life looked perfect.

I had both an MBA and an Engineering degree from acclaimed universities. I was a corporate leader for over 12 years, succeeding in dream roles and ascending to executive levels.

I have a loving partner and we traveled the world, living an affluent expatriate lifestyle, part of a fabulous social circle, experiencing what I thought was the fullness of life.

About Meera My Personal Story Page - Yet, despite having worked so hard for this life and career

Yet, despite having worked so hard for this life and career, at the end of the day, I felt unsatisfied.


I knew, and still know, I had a lot to be grateful for. I believe that gratitude is what held me back for so long. Isn’t this what I always wanted, the life everyone wants? Shouldn’t I just appreciate what I have and leave it at that?

I thought if I pushed through and ignored that nagging voice telling me “Meera, there is more to life than this”, eventually I would reach the point where happiness just happened naturally.

That is a lie that we all tell ourselves, that if we just reach this one milestone, we hit a certain level, we achieve this next one thing, then we will be happy and complete.

That is a lie I kept telling myself, that if I just checked off that next big thing, I would finally be satisfied and happy. I would reach my purpose, I would finally know what my purpose was.


Deep down, we all seek happiness, contentment, fulfillment, purpose.

“In 2015, I found

my purpose.”

I didn’t find it by hitting a big achievement, or traveling to an exotic place, or getting another promotion.

I found it after my second diagnosis of uterine fibroids.

As I lay in the ICU following my final operation, I made a promise to myself to seek & understand how this had happened – what really was the root cause beyond genetics.

I knew I needed deeper answers and I couldn’t get there on my own.

So I read hundreds of books. I hired a brilliant coach who helped me discover aspects of myself that I wasn’t aware of or I was unwilling to accept until that moment.

“It was like waking up, seeing myself for the first time, igniting a fire, and transforming all at once.”

I found my purpose because my body took over. My body took over and pushed pause, and made me look at my life clearly. I knew there was some work ahead nursing myself back to great health, not just physically, but also emotionally and spiritually.

After years of working hard and excelling as a leader, years of working hard, and living a “fabulous” life, I was ready to work hard on myself.

I was ready to work hard to find my purpose and lasting balance in my personal and professional life.

The months and years that have followed brought me a deep knowledge of my values, my most resonant desires, and knowledge of my gifts beyond doubt.

My journey to clarity and purpose helps me best serve others so they avoid similar struggles and achieve lasting results in their own lives.

I have known the fullness of life, the joy that comes when your personal life and your professional life come together in harmony.

Every day I use my experience as a leadership and organizational coach to help senior executives and high potential leaders create the positive transformational shifts in their careers and personal lives that they are seeking.

About Meera My Personal Story Page - How do I do it

How do I do it?


I take a 360° approach to coaching, working with clients from the inside out to understand themselves to improve their lives holistically. Just like holistic medicine is ‘whole body health’, I work with others on their whole human experience.

Apart from the highly transformational, practical, and actionable insights from coaching, I bring my whole journey and experience to every client. We become a team and I serve as a thought partner to support them through challenging processes.

I work with managers and teams using an approach of empathy and accountability to develop stronger teamwork, effective conversations, and take the right actions to move forward together faster and better.

I am passionate about using my life journey of achieving a joyful work-life balance to coach other leaders to not only be successful professionally but to thrive in all areas of their life.

Your personal life and professional life can and should blend harmoniously. Work is a large part of your human experience so you deserve to love what you do and it should serve your life in a positive way.

I look forward to helping you achieve the purpose and clarity you have been seeking so that you can be successful in all areas of your life.


Awakening YOU to your deepest potential

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