Be a Successful Business Leader. Join us in this Live Masterclass

AN EXCLUSIVE LIVE MASTERCLASS FOR CORPORATE LEADERS Are you building yourself into a successful business leader? You know that’s what you’re meant to be! Join me in a free masterclass this June—discover the seven secrets of highly successful business leaders to create the impact, influence, and prosperity you desire. Pie Graph Leader RISE Accelerator

Here’s What You’ll Learn

This brand-new, free Masterclass will help you with tools to:

1. Gain Self-Mastery

Leverage your biggest asset—YOU!—to lead with true confidence and personal power. We will also discuss blind spots and limiting patterns so that you break free from those to express your true genius and your deep potential confidently. That is the key to self and life mastery.

2. Become a powerful communicator

Communicating effectively and powerfully is an essential leadership skill, especially as you move towards executive roles. Regardless of the forum or the nature of communication (meetings, negotiations, etc.) or the kind of stakeholders, let’s ensure that you shine, exuding expertise and credibility through your communication.

3. Establish incredible networks & stakeholder relations

It’s important to identify key stakeholders at this stage of your career and ensure that you nurture authentic relationships with them. You also need to ensure that your network and relationships are built on real, mutual win-win scenarios. Every stakeholder in the organization and outside respects the value that you bring and sees you as the right fit for the next role that you desire.

4. Build your personal brand

To be seen as best in class, you need to get intentional about your personal brand and establish your signature voice. In the busyness of life, that’s one element that essentially goes ignored, and often to one’s disadvantage. Understand what you need to pay attention to build your brand, and see your equity rise.

5. Optimize time and energy

To get to the next level of success, you cannot remain a slave to your calendar. Simplify to amplify is the mantra! Banish your energy vampires and gain back control of priorities. Win back me-time and family-time as a bonus! Learn how to go from being frustrated in your career to thriving.

6. Lead with clarity of vision

To be sure of “what’s next” and “how-to,” you need to craft the next chapters in your leadership career with care. What is your compelling vision? Do you know what you need to do in the next months/years to achieve the successful, wholesome life that you dream of? Let’s discuss your vision for yourself, your whole life, that is attuned to your highest potential. This is easily the best 45-mins of time that you can invest in your career right now! I have coached hundreds of leaders to become more successful and happier versions of themselves. This brand new, fresh Masterclass is a culmination of EVERYTHING I’ve learned in the process of mentoring and coaching leaders into their highest performance, potential and fulfillment. If you’re committed to making this the year when you finally take ownership of your development journey and your success as a leader, join me in this FREE Masterclass.

Here are the schedules:

22nd June – 5 pm CET
26th June – 5 pm CET
30th June – 8 pm CET

Learn more and register for The 7 Secrets of Highly Successful Leaders Masterclass now! I can’t wait to help you become the best version of yourself ever!

The 3 Steps to Influencing without Authority

How do you influence when you’re not the boss/authority?

These days, it is a common scenario: working with multiple teams across geographies and timezones, working with people and teams that don’t directly report to you or share your sense of urgency on matters. So how do you influence them positively and arrive at a consensus?

Here are three tips on building influence without authority:

1. Understand first, influence later

Get to know them, get curious by asking questions. Understand their circumstances, challenges, and opportunities. This will warm people and create that common ground that builds trust.

2. Build relationships

By building a good relationship, people are likely to listen to you and go with you and view you not as another coworker but as a human being who cares and who they can trust.

3. Establish Credibility

After building a relationship, now you can influence. You can use your expertise to back up recommendations so that people see you as an authority, a credible leader, and you’ll have their respect.

Those are the three tips on how to influence people even when you are not their leader. Remember, the key to successful leadership is influence and not authority!

If you wish to have the success, impact, and balance you desire in your career as a leader, I have a gift for you:

FREE masterclass, “𝑻𝒉𝒆 7 𝑺𝒆𝒄𝒓𝒆𝒕𝒔 𝒐𝒇 𝑺𝒖𝒄𝒄𝒆𝒔𝒔𝒇𝒖𝒍 𝑳𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒆𝒓𝒔”

This brand new, fresh masterclass is a culmination of EVERYTHING I’ve learned in the process of mentoring and coaching leaders into their highest performance, potential and fulfillment.

This 45-minute session is the best time investment you can make right now in your career. Register here: https://increaseyoursocialreach.webinarninja.com/live-webinars/1932579/register

7 Topics to Discuss With Your Coach or Mentor

A decade ago, when I hired my first coach, I had no clue what to expect. Come to think of it, that was the reason I didn’t approach a coach/mentor before.

Looking back, I realized how many opportunities I’ve missed. If only I knew the themes I could discuss with a coach/mentor, I would’ve gotten the support I needed earlier.

It would’ve saved me a ton of time, wasted efforts, money, going around in circles in confusion, crisis, and self-doubt.

When people approach me for support, I understand that they have the same challenge until then, of not knowing what to expect from a coaching & mentoring relationship.

So, I thought I’d put together this quick info for you. I hope it brings a lot more clarity and helps you get the most out of your coaching/mentorship relationship!

Coaching & Mentoring

Here are the seven topics that you can discuss with a coach or mentor:

1. Clarity


    • I am not growing in my career. What can I do about it?
    • How can I be a better leader and a good spouse/parent?
    • What is my vision for life? What will make my life purposeful, meaningful?

2. Personal Power & Confidence

Personal Power & Confidence

    • Why do I hesitate to speak up? How can I address the constant sense of self-doubt?
    • How can I be more confident in meetings & interactions?
    • How can I make sure that I’m not standing in my own way through self-sabotaging thoughts?

3. Time & energy management

Time & energy management

    • How can I set my priorities to maximize success?
    • How can I win back “me-time” and “family time”
    • How can I ensure that I stay energized throughout the day and not tired and overwhelmed?

4. Personal Brand

Personal Brand

    • How do I define and communicate my personal brand?
    • How can I position/upsell myself for attractive roles?
    • What sort of mental/physical/skills conditioning do I need to do?

5. Influencing Stakeholders

Influencing Stakeholders

    • How do I influence people – across levels?
    • How can I intentionally create my network?
    • How do I leverage my network?

6. Communication


    • How do I communicate my value?
    • How can I effectively communicate so that people listen to me?
    • How can I speak effectively in critical meetings & negotiations?

7. Crisis Management

Crisis Management

    • How can I turn around crises and conflicts in situations, relationships?
    • How can I create a more harmonious work culture?
    • How do I make my team members work together? 
    • What can I do about my bad boss?

This is just a guide for what you can expect from your coaching/mentorship relationships.  When you’re ready schedule a conversation with me today and let’s discuss what kind of support would suit you the best.

How To Simplify Your Schedule for Amplified Results

The countless colors in your favorite painting come from 3 primary colors. The master painter knows that to create dramatic hues, all she needs are these three elements. The lack of a broad palette—frees her up.

This metaphor can be applied when we are creating our schedules.

The more we simplify our schedules, the better we become at prioritizing and reaching our goals.

Simplify your schedule to amplify your results

First, identify YOUR 3 primary elements that move the needle when it comes to—your results, career, and life. Or else, you’ll get lost in an endless array of activities that lead to:

  • Overwhelm
  • Fear of failure as you’re not getting the right things done
  • Guilt at not being a fully-present spouse/parent, as at home all you can think of is work

If your week ahead looks like a car crash, a bad traffic jam of back-to-back activities. Honk as much as you want, but you’ll still move slowly, if at all.

𝗠𝘆 𝗺𝗮𝗻𝘁𝗿𝗮? Reduce congestion.

Here’s how you can reduce the congestion that’s likely causing overwhelm:

  1. Determine the three things that’ll move the needle
  2. Slash things that add no value, but make you feel overwhelmed
  3. Delegate bits that don’t need your direct presence

Do you wish to have personalized, laser-focused support in your specific scenario?
Schedule a conversation with me today.

Empower Yourself To Beat Self-Doubt

“Do I have it in me?”, “I’m not good at people-skills,” “This situation is way too challenging…”

These disempowering thoughts have fear and anxiety at their base. The thoughts are not always based on truth either. Despite back-to-back successes, many leaders could still feel this way, especially when facing new situations and challenges that pull the rug out from under their feet.

When we find ourselves in these situations, it can be energy-draining, do you agree?

And to no surprise! Our hungry brains use up 20% of the body’s overall energy? That said, where we focus, our mind consumes our energy.

More thoughts - More neutral activity - More energy burnt

If we are burning precious energy, why waste it on thoughts that don’t move us forward—as human beings, in our careers, or in creating collaborative relationships? It’s essential to sense the learning opportunity & pivot towards more productive thoughts.

The 5 steps to pivot thoughts and use energy for the best outcomes:

  1. Acknowledge what’s happening
    The first step in change starts within you.
    What are the thoughts that help you move forward? What are the thoughts that keep you stuck? Make an inventory, journal for better clarity.
  2. Reframe thoughts for your desired outcome
    “I’ll figure a way out, as I always have. I’m getting better at this every day.”
    Remember instances when you overcame adversity. That’ll help you replace your self-talk with neural or more helpful ones like the above statements.
    Instead of “I am terrible at XYZ… I suck at it,”. This drains energy, inspiration, and efficiency and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  3. Prioritize activities that’ll move the needle
    What will move the needle in terms of finding the solutions or creating the outcome you desire? This could involve:

    • Create some quiet space for yourself, free from distractions to do some deep thinking, to come up with solutions
    • Protect your time, cut out distractions from your schedule, time block your priorities into your calendar
    • Find a mentor, coach, or colleague who can help you with resources to figure it out 
    • Attend a training
    • In your 1:1 with your manager, share the intention/plan to progress, and ask for support
  4. Build bridges—the brilliance of collective progress
    Understand your stakeholders to create a win-win.
    Knowing what motivates them will help build bridges. They’ll be more willing to listen to your point of view. This creates allies.
    Remember, this is about understanding another’s motivation and building respect, not manipulation. Manipulation or creating cartels might give short-wins but ruins everything soon.
    If you’re in a meeting, hear with an intention to listen, don’t be quick to dismiss—hearing their PoV can be helpful.
  5. Absorb feedback, continue the growth cycle
    The hallmark of any successful system or individual is the ability to read the environment, see what’s working and what’s not, and be in a state of continuous improvement—personally, with respect to a project or people, etc.
    Enlist a coach or mentor who can help you in that reflection, and bolster your growth even further.
    If you master this skill of directing your focus and energy into more productive thoughts, clear-headedness, strong stakeholder relationships are just some of the benefits you will acquire.

Schedule a conversation with me today. Let’s talk about how you can leverage your emotional intelligence to develop yourself into the whole spectrum of leadership capabilities—strategically, psychologically & spiritually.

Succeeding despite the Crisis: A true story


As you went through the coaching journey in the last few months with me, what really changed for you?


I would say, my general perspective to life. So normally I would look at things from an external point of view, hoping that I can fix what is happening around me, to make myself happy. What I learned was that I am responsible for making myself happy. Regardless of all the things happening around me, I can make a choice about how it affects me. I realized that I can say, “You know what, regardless of everything happening, I want to be happy!”


Wonderful! How has that realization and our work impacted you professionally and privately?


What has been really amazing about this experience is that despite signing up for leadership coaching to further my career, I have seen its effects in all areas of my life: my relationship with my husband, my relationship with the kids, even my relationship with my sister, my friends, everything has improved as a result of it.
And the reason why is because it has to do with me. Once I change, it affects everything else around me.


Wow, beautiful. I remember we talked a few times about imposter syndrome, right? And, not speaking up enough, how have things changed on that front?


I think a lot of times, when we’re not conscious about what is happening, we kind of just go with the flow and things happen to us. But again, what I’ve learned working with you is that I’ve become so much more conscious about everything. I find myself in situations where I still question myself, “Do I know enough to answer the question? Do I need to answer that question to get visible?” I have now learnt to put these doubts aside. I ask the question, it doesn’t matter whether it is right or wrong. It’s my opinion, so I state it. The imposter syndrome still comes up, where I’m like, “Oh, am I in the right place?” But I’ve developed the ability to be always conscious. And as you say, recognizing and putting it aside is more than half the battle.


Oh wow. Yes, it’s a powerful way to handle imposter syndrome. When you label something, it sort of uses its power over you, and your true power emerges.
Okay, cool. So, what will you do differently in life going forward?


Yes. I’ve already started to do things differently. It’s also about taking care of myself. One of the reasons why I initially struggled, was that I was doing everything for everyone else, apart from myself you know? So I wasn’t giving myself enough, and I was running around feeling crazy.
So the core thing that I would do differently, or what I have already started doing differently, and I will continue is to always remember that I need “food” as well. You know, I’m a mom, I’m a wife and everything else, but I’m also ME. And I need to take that time for myself.
So even if I just sit down and read a book or do some meditation, or I got this nice board, um, in my work room where I basically just write some nice quotes. So I have stayed conscious, confident and humble.
I feel amazing that every morning I basically think about something nice that I want to remember the whole day. And I write it on that board I mentioned. So whatever is happening on the day, I keep looking at it, you know, and it just makes me smile.


Brilliant. And I know you also started running consistently.


Yes! I started running. I maintain a regular fitness routine as well. Even if I can’t run, we bike or I generally just dance.


If we were to be specific, are there any other results you want to talk about with respect to work or home, or just in general, as a result of coaching?


I’ve been really wanting to tell you this!. So, remember we discussed about me asking for a pay rise? So I actually did have the conversation. I stated my case as we discussed … and I got it.
I didn’t even have to talk too long. You know, I followed some of the principles you guided me with: state the facts, keep it short, simple & relevant. And that was what I did!


I am so proud of you! You’ve executed it very well. It’s like a muscle, right? You built that muscle. You now know how to do that, how to stand in your power, in every scenario.
So one last question. What would you tell people.. especially to somebody who’s sitting on the fence and considering working with me for instance? What will your advice to them be?


The LinkedIn post I wrote recently mentioning that I worked with you.. when I was thinking about writing the posts, I was worried about my work colleagues knowing about it. Because I thought they might feel like she needed help and all of that. But what I’ve realized is that needing help is not the weakness. You know, there comes a point where, you know, you personally can take yourself as far as you can to some point, and after that you just need some help. So asking for help is not the weakness in any way, I think it is a strength instead of staying there and struggling, falling apart.
The biggest strength you can have is to accept that (you’re dealing) it’s too much and seek help, find a solution, to make life better. So anybody sitting on the fence, I would say the, the first thing is don’t be afraid asking for help, it is not a sign of weakness. So if you accept that you need help and you get that help, then it makes you so much better, a better person. You just don’t wait for things to work out passively, you can actually make that thing you want come to life. So many strong benefits I would say, and it feels great because you feel like you have a hand in making that happen.


Yeah, exactly. Awesome. Okay. So we are at the end of the recording. Any, any other final words before we end today’s session?


Just one more for you specifically, Meera as a person. I think you have a really engaging style. You have a way of, you know, bringing people out of themselves. I felt like I was talking to somebody that felt my pain and could actually talk to me as a human being as opposed to talking to me like I’m a statistic.


Thank you so much. That is a very beautiful acknowledgement. Thank you for taking your time, and talk to you soon!


I feel motivated when I receive positive reviews and feedback from my clients. Because I know that I was able to provide the value they wanted and help them reach their goals. It’s rewarding and inspires me to be better in providing the service that my clients require from me.


I want you to feel excited about your life and the work you do, to consciously create a life filled with love, good health, prosperity, and fulfillment, freeing yourself up to pursue your soul’s calling. Yes, it’s possible! Schedule a conversation with me today, and let’s discuss the practical ways to make it happen for you.

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