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Hi, My name is Meera and I’m the Purpose & Confidence Coach for the Ambitious Woman.

I live a life of purpose..embracing my passion of helping women live their most empowered lives.

But life wasn’t always like this…

By the time I was in my 30’s I was living the so-called “perfect life”…

I had achieved Engineering & MBA degrees from some of the most acclaimed universities, worked for 12 years in leading corporations doing dream roles.  I traveled with my loving partner enjoying an affluent expatriate lifestyle. We had a ton of friends, a great social circle with plenty of dining out, drinking and in general living a full life.

Everything to be thankful for.

Except I wasn’t happy.



Something was missing, and for so long I couldn’t figure out what it was.

I looked around me and just felt flat – had the nagging feeling there must be more to life than this. I would have to drag myself out of bed every morning to make it to the office. I would leave my office in the late evenings, seeing Directors and VP’s working late into the night and I just felt so depressed.  Is that really what I’m aspiring to?

My heart would sink. But I kept going, pushing myself to work harder and ignoring the nudges from within.

Until I could ignore it no more.


My health started to suffer and in 2015 I was diagnosed a second time with uterine fibroids, leading a normal life became impossible & I was headed for surgery for the second time in 4 years.  It turned out that I had over 20 medium to large sized tumors in my uterus! I ended up enduring 2 long painful and very intrusive surgeries just 3 days apart. As I lay in agony in the ICU following my final operation I made a promise to myself – to seek & understand HOW this had happened – what really was the root cause beyond genetics.


I felt like I was waking up! I read hundreds to books and hired a brilliant coach who helped me discover aspects of myself that I wasn’t aware of or I was unwilling to accept.

As the days unfolded, I met parts of myself that I never knew before. There were imperfect parts, there were brilliant parts, there were parts that were very scared and there were parts that were inspiring. It was beautiful to finally meet ME!

I knew there was some work ahead nursing myself back to great health – not just physically, but also emotionally and spiritually.

I decided that the most important person to please, was myself.  I accepted the truth that once, and only once, my cup is overflowing with self-acceptance and joy, I am able to provide the same to others.


Over time, I released my toxic thought patterns, relationships and old ways of life. The months and years that have followed have brought me a deep knowledge of my values, my most resonant desires and a knowing of my gifts beyond doubt.


That clarity has helped me help my clients move through their journeys, picking up pieces of themselves and building a beautiful life, resonant with their values & desires.

I want this for you too… without having to go through the long struggle like I did.

Step 1

  1. Building your vision for your business and life
  2. Discovering your strengths
  3. Taking stock of your experiences, desires and wisdom

Step 2

  1. Building a mindset fit for champions
  2. Slaying your limiting beliefs and challenges
  3. Stocking up powerful tools for whenever fear strikes

Step 3

  1. Launching your dream career
  2. Staying consistent with an empowered mindset in all areas of your life
  3. Ensuring you live savoring the feeling of contentment and success, enjoying the best of what life has to offer

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