Emotional skills are necessary for a leader, much as analytical skills. After all, the loyalty, trust, passion, etc., that you want to evoke in your people are all emotions. So, it is implied that emotional intelligence is a leadership skill that one must master.

The wrong emotions, though, waste much energy & lead to wrong decisions. They have a cataclysmic effect on other people too, at work & home. If you are not conscious, it could lead to undesirable results.

“The leader has to recognize when emotions like frustration, impatience, anger, lack of self-confidence, jealousy, greed start to influence his thought processes” – Dalai Lama & van den Muyzenberg, The Leader’s Way.

Take Control Of Your Emotions Before They Control You

This is how you can prevent your emotions from taking over your rationality:

  1. Observe & acknowledge emotions & their triggers as they arise. Over time, it becomes easier to spot them.
  2. Once you spot them, give yourself space between the trigger & your reaction. You have a choice here, which is very powerful.

    Here’s an example:
    If a particular scenario is upsetting, instead of immediately expressing displeasure, take a few moments, breathe consciously. This calms the breath, the mind & the surge of emotions.
  3. Choose words, if needed, carefully so that what you express through words & body language isn’t aggressive but constructive & respectful.

Emotional Intelligence is Not A Weakness

Being in touch with your emotions is not a weakness; it’s wise, especially if you’re a leader.

Yes, I know it’s easier said than done— I am with you on that. But once you figure out your ability to separate your emotions from your thought processes, you have conquered your true weakness. You will find clarity in situations and rational solutions when faced with challenges.

Find Your Clarity

As with everything in life worth doing, each effort counts. Here’s my mantra:

Pick yourself up if you go off the rails; keep going.

Schedule a conversation with me today. Let’s talk about how you can leverage your emotional intelligence to develop yourself into the whole spectrum of leadership capabilities— strategically, psychologically & spiritually.

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