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What my beautiful clients have achieved

The work I do is extremely fulfilling, is my purpose in life, because it helps me awaken other women to their deepest potential. In just a few weeks of working together, my clients report major turnarounds in their personal and professional lives. They unlock their happiness and potential, living the lives they’ve always dreamt! Love, love, love it!

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Meera’s coaching skills are amazing: she is a good listener, asks the right questions and digs right into important topics below the surface. I am now halfway through my coaching sessions and can already feel change in my life: I have more clarity about my career, I have become more trusting in relationships and have learnt to use my different strengths in better ways. Thanks you Meera, I am very excited to see how the second half of our sessions will impact my life!
Dorina Leititis


My experience with Meera as a coach is extremely positive. Meera is authentically interested, focused and sharp. She listens deeply and is gifted to ask those questions that force you to go outside your comfort zone and find answers to what really matters to you. Meera is a unique combination of both mystics, deeper sense, emotions, heart, intangible power and structure, reasonability, effectiveness. Thanks to her experience in the corporate world she understand the issues people in business are dealing with and is able to help you living a more fulfilling life. I sincerely recommend Meera as a life coach.
Jan Pieter Brinkman

The Netherlands

I’ve loved working with Meera. Whether the topic we tackled was professional or personal, I came away from every single coaching session with a sense of clarity and empowerment. Meera is a force of nature. She asks the right questions with confidence and does not hesitate to use her intuition and challenge my assumptions and beliefs where needed. At the same time, she is compassionate, thoughtful and genuinely engaged. She knows how to create connection by being attuned to her client’s mindset, emotions and energy. I highly recommend her.
Katia Vlachos


Working with Meera has been so amazing! She has such a loving, feminine presence, she’s like the mother I never had . After just one session I was opened up so much to my natural flow that I wrote and recorded a full song that I have started working on with a producer! I have struggled to complete a full song for months while a producer had been waiting for me to send him some material to move forward with my first song and there were times where I wondered if I was even going to be able to write my own material. It has been dream of mine for years to be a legitimate singer/songwriter and it is finally coming true! Also, a person from my past showed up that I connected with which is helping to rewire my belief that I am unlovable (one of the limiting beliefs that Meera helped me work through in our session). My life has opened up, I’m taking huge steps forward toward my dreams and I couldn’t have done it without Meera! I’m so excited to keep working with her! Thank you Meera!

Blake Ashley

Georgia US

Meera is an excellent coach. She is very easy to talk to, and it’s clear that she gives 100% to her clients. We were able to create a plan that I am excited to make a reality:) Thank you Meera:)

Alena Sviderskaia


Meera is an extremely talented coach who helps translate mind blocks into positive action. In our sessions, she uses guided imagery and other visualization techniques to empower me to steer myself toward the thoughts that are my true reality and away from looping, negative stories that have held me back.

Shira Siegel


Meera gently leads me into identifying my long term vision for myself and how I could work towards it. Meera has a strong intuition and our discussions help me reflect internally at a deeper level.



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