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Imagine creating a success map for your life and leadership journey. A success map that defines how to move forward in the next weeks and months with elements such as:

  • Your compelling vision
  • Leading with deep confidence
  • Crafting a powerful personal brand
  • Engaging your unique stakeholders authentically
  • Becoming a masterful communicator
  • Expressing your leadership potential

I invite you to a free consultation with me to discuss your personal success map. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to achieve whatever you’ve so far only been dreaming of. It’s time to take ownership of your life and career right now.
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I have worked with Meera with the intent to bring more clarity and perspective in personal and career domains. Meera has an amazing capacity to separate issues to get to the heart of the issue. She has a compassionate way of holding the space of accountability. This combination of compassion and ability to generate clarity has been valuable in generating possibilities for action and building focus. I recommend Meera as a powerful sounding board to navigate personal or professional challenges.

Sarita Nambiar Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany
Sarita Nambiar

Meera created the space for me to explore through this forest with my own light. Like many other people, I have multiple voices in my head, and sometimes it is difficult for me to know which one is truly mine. Meera kept bringing the right questions to our conversations, until I began to see my own thought pattern emerge with her gentle nudge.

Madhuri Agrawal Apple, Singapore
Madhuri Agrawal

Coaching with Meera has enabled me the freedom and resilience to manage situations with the right mindset and tools, even in the highly complex and volatile situation that we all are in right now. I am very thankful to Meera and highly recommend her work.

Yafit Azran N-SIDE, Belgium
Yafit Azran

I have more clarity about my career, I have become more trusting in relationships and have learnt to use my different strengths in better ways.

Dorina Leititis Google, Germany
Dorina Leititis

Working with Meera, I clarified what’s really important for me and what I need to let go of, to be successful at work and enjoy the beautiful relationships in my life.

This is indeed a transformative journey that happened over a short period of time. I’m happy to have had Meera’s guidance.

Divya Nath Dubai
Divya Nath

In many ways, Meera has helped me tap into my zone of ‘potential’ – taking new risks and executing it flawlessly. The one big takeaway for me was how I’ve become my own Validator – an internal source of self-sufficiency-of-a-kind that has strengthened my confidence and approach to life!

Amirudapriya Balakumar Cognizant, India
Amirudapriya Balakumar

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