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I approached Meera with a forest of questions about leadership, purpose and direction. In a few sessions, she created the space for me to explore through this forest with my own light. Like many other people, I have multiple voices in my head, and sometimes it is difficult for me to know which one is truly mine. Meera kept bringing the right questions to our conversations, until I began to see my own thought pattern emerge with her gentle nudge.

Instead of focusing on improving what we perceive as our faults, Meera’s perspective is oriented to celebrating and honing on the strengths. Much is said about the power of positivity, but to see it in action is something different. I can’t say that I have erased self-doubt, but the positivity has definitely helped me to push some of it aside, and for that I cannot thank Meera enough.

I highly recommend her as a coach if you want to discover your individual voice and purpose.


Business & Supply Chain Excellence Leader, Apple
Nick Fox

Meera is an exceptional coach. Throughout my leadership and people management training with her, we made huge improvements in conflict resolution, delegation, authenticity, and resilience. Meera has an extremely gentle and open approach and confronts every issue without judgment or prejudice. She displayed a great knack for flipping my preconceptions on their head and challenging me to think about problems in a different way, and her positive demeanor made me feel really confident and at ease.

Thanks for an amazing 6-week course Meera, I am looking forward to working with you again in the future!


Senior Technical Account Manager, SoundCloud

I have learned a lot over the past weeks while taking part in the PQ training that Meera offers. The training is run in small groups and follows a learning path in an app that works with you on a daily basis. It covers what saboteurs are blocking you to live your life in the best possible way and how to build up inner strength like a Muscle. Meera led the group very well, constantly gave recommendations on how to grow, and made us all feel very safe in the group. Working on difficult topics needs a lot of sensibility and empathy and Meera showed both, she also constantly pushed us to continue working on ourselves and helped when we got stuck.

Thank you, Meera, joining the program was just a start to improve my positive intelligence but thanks to the group and your lead I know how to continue!


GTM APAC, Google
Success Stories Page - Sudhan D.
Success Stories Page - Sudhan D.

Last year, I took Meera’s help in managing some work issues.
She has been an excellent coach and has helped me navigate through tough situations. She has helped me discover the voice of my inner sage which has helped me stay calm and practical. Meera is an excellent listener and she encourages you to resolve complex issues in a calculated step-by-step manner.

I am happy I took her advice. And wish her the best in her endeavors.



I attended the “Corporate & Branding” workshop organized by Meera back in October 2019 at Amazon. I’m impressed at how beneficial it was to me and to the rest of the group. I’m usually reluctant when it comes to speaking up in groups, and opening up about my insecurities or my fears. However, Meera made me feel comfortable since the moment I entered the meeting room. She managed to create a safe space for us to share our experiences, and she inspired the group by sharing her own path. I’m really grateful to Meera, as I left the workshop empowered, energized, and ready to overcome the challenges that will come my way.

I would recommend Meera to any Company and/or private individual, as I strongly believe that any minute spent with her is a good investment of time, energy, and money.


Head of Search & Display Account Management, Amazon
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Success Stories Page - Ami Balakumar

When I approached Meera earlier this year, I was right in the center of a major career transformation – new business unit, new leadership, new team.
Was looking for a coach as a friend who can empathize, energize and most importantly validate some of the key decisions I’ve made. In many ways Meera has helped me tap into my zone of ‘potential’ – taking new risks and executing it flawlessly. During the course of our journey, we’ve discussed various aspects across Belief Systems, Ikigai, Relationships, Team Leadership, Personal Development and Entrepreneurship. The one big takeaway for me was how I’ve become my own Validator – an internal source of self-sufficiency-of-a-kind that has strengthened my confidence and approach to life! I found this whole experience invigorating and insightful – every session dealing with a different problem statement that resulted in meaningful & logical solutions that I was able to implement. I saw a great chemistry in this journey which was predominantly due to Meera’s personality, warmth and intuitive coaching style.

I would recommend Meera to people who need empathized coaching and guided-support to unleash the potent in us!


Life Sciences, Accenture

Meera organized a workshop on “Confidence & Branding” for our female leaders within Account Management. Through individual 1o1s, she was able to come up with an engaging agenda and impactful group exercise. Meera made sure that all participants felt at ease to share their experiences and we were able to create our own growth plans that align to our superpowers. The feeling of empowerment and confidence that originated in the workshop remains strong months after.

I would strongly recommend Meera to any company interested in growing strong female leaders and leveraging their strengths in improving the business.


Head of Account Management (Search + Display), Amazon
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Staying calm regardless of how demanding work gets and bringing that relaxed energy to my home is very important for me.
Working with Meera, I clarified what’s really important for me and what I need to let go of, to be successful at work and enjoy the beautiful relationships in my life.

This is indeed a transformative journey that happened over a short period of time. I’m happy to have had Meera’s guidance. Thank you, Meera.

I wholeheartedly recommend you as a coach to anyone who wants a positive transformation in their life!


Business Intelligence Engineer, DP World

I participated in the Confidence & Branding workshop from Meera in October 2019 and really enjoyed it! Meera is great in setting the right atmosphere for all participants to be open and self-reflective during the workshops. She is a calm and motivational speaker, who draws from her own experiences to guide through the workshop. She asked the right questions and motivated the rather introverted people in the group to proactively engage in discussions. I really liked that she did not try to put her opinion on us, but provided the right questions and thinking points to learn from.

Meera’s workshops and her positive energy are exceptional and I can only recommend everyone to participate in her workshops or just get in touch with her as she is very inspiring!


Head of Sponsored Ads Germany, Amazon
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Success Stories Page - Bernadette Brown

I attended Meera’s Confidence & Branding workshop for our team in Oct 2019 at Amazon. I was impressed how Meera created an atmosphere in which we all felt we could talk very openly from the first minute on. She asked the right questions to guide our discussions and infected us all with her positive attitude. Through this session, we became stronger as a team and found a lot of ideas of how we can support each other in our daily jobs. I would definitely recommend working with Meera.


Senior Manager Advertising, Amazon

I’ve loved working with Meera. Whether the topic we tackled was professional or personal, I came away from every single coaching session with a sense of clarity and empowerment. Her powerful insights and encouragement helped me get unstuck and spring into action when I needed to move my business forward.

Meera is a force of nature. She asks the right questions with confidence and does not hesitate to use her intuition and challenge my assumptions and beliefs where needed. At the same time, she is compassionate, thoughtful, and genuinely engaged. She knows how to create connections by being attuned to her client’s mindset, emotions, and energy. I highly recommend her.


Expat Transition Coach & Author
Success Stories Page - Katia Vlachos
Yafit Azran

When I approached Meera, I wanted insights on how to better balance and prioritize the requirements at work and personal life. Meera supported me with that and more in just 3-4 sessions of us working together. This has enabled me the freedom and resilience to manage situations with the right mindset and tools, even in the highly complex and volatile situation that we all are in right now. I am very thankful to Meera and highly recommend her work.


Business Development Senior Manager, N-SIDE

I have worked with Meera as a sounding board and coach to achieve my professional goals. I liked her ability to drill down to the core of issues given her experience of having worked with several professionals. She also has the innate ability to work her way through the chaos and focus on actionable strategies to address the issues. I look forward to working with her a lot more in the future.


Director, Carlyle Group
Rahul Mukim
Sarita Nambiar

I have worked with Meera with the intent to bring more clarity and perspective in personal and career domains. Meera has an amazing capacity to separate issues to get to the heart of the issue. She has a compassionate way of holding the space of accountability. This combination of compassion and ability the generate clarity has been valuable in generating possibilities for action and building focus.

I recommend Meera as a powerful sounding board to navigate personal or professional challenges.


People Culture Org Readiness, Boehringer Ingelheim

Meera conducted a training on Stakeholder Management for my team. She heavily customized the training for specific needs of ours. The amount of background work she put in to understand the members and our work was incredible. The training was well designed (considering the virtual environment) and very relevant. She has been a great trainer and the delivery was also engaging.


Senior Manager, Capgemini
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Success Stories Page - Krithinka Venkataraman

Meera conducted a virtual session on Stakeholder Management for our team. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and valuable session, with concrete frameworks and next steps on how to approach stakeholder management. What stood out with Meera’s training was the enthusiasm and efforts she put in to really understand our team and its challenges and then prepare a very customized training session, in addition to an interesting pre-session assessment. In a short span of time, she was able to build a good connection with the team through some fun activities and group tasks, and the team was quite energized after the training. We look forward to working with Meera again in the future.


Senior Manager, Capgemini

Meera has been an outstanding coach in her session at Microsoft on the topic of „Allyship and Female Superpowers“. I enjoyed working with her throughout the entire process – from preparing the session to debriefing afterwards, she has proven to be very professional and adapted the coaching directly to the audience. Through her tailored approach and positive energy, Meera enabled the virtual meeting to be highly interactive and valuable to all. It was particularly useful to include real-life situations of the participants, showing off how to advocate for oneself in daily activities, approach conversations with managers, and be an ally to each other.


Partner Development Manager, Microsoft
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Success Stories Page - Remya Ann Jose

Meera took a lot of effort to find out our requirements through one-to-one meetings when we invited her to do a session for our employees on International Women’s Day. We wanted to make the topic simple and relatable to all. Together, through deliberations, we arrived at the topic” Thriving in the world of Biases and Norms”. She displayed a thorough understanding of the subject and the task at hand and did complete justice to the intended outcome of the session which was to help the audience see the elephant in the room and send them back with a thinking mind.

I find Meera to be a strong, nuanced, passionate, confident, and thorough professional who is also experienced, knowledgeable, and delivers with complete commitment. It was great to be associated with you Meera! Keep going!


Head- Talent Management at V-Guard Industries Ltd.

It was a pleasure having Meera to come and organize a webinar as part of International Women’s Day. It was highly engaging with a lot of ample time to have discussions and dialogue on topics around unconscious bias. It was a great first step for N-SIDErs to start thinking about having an ‘equal vs. equitable’ approach to providing women the opportunities to succeed in STEM. If anyone is thinking about conducting a session within your organization around women and leadership, don’t hesitate to reach out to Meera Remani – she was lovely to talk to and made sure the session was as engaging as possible 🙂


HRIS Analyst, N-SIDE
Maitham Alsarraf
Success Stories Page - User

My experience with Meera as a coach is extremely positive. Meera is authentically interested, focused and sharp. She listens deeply and is gifted to ask those questions that force you to go outside your comfort zone and find answers to what really matters to you. Meera is a unique combination of both mystics, deeper sense, emotions, heart, intangible power and structure, reasonability, effectiveness. Thanks to her experience in the corporate world she understands the issues people in business are dealing with and is able to help you live a more fulfilling life. I sincerely recommend Meera as a life coach.



The Netherlands

Working with Meera has been so amazing! She has such a loving, feminine presence, she’s like the mother I never had . After just one session I was opened up so much to my natural flow that I wrote and recorded a full song that I have started working on with a producer! I have struggled to complete a full song for months while a producer had been waiting for me to send him some material to move forward with my first song and there were times where I wondered if I was even going to be able to write my own material. It has been a dream of mine for years to be a legitimate singer/songwriter and it is finally coming true! Also, a person from my past showed up that I connected with which is helping to rewire my belief that I am unlovable (one of the limiting beliefs that Meera helped me work through in our session). My life has opened up, I’m taking huge steps forward toward my dreams and I couldn’t have done it without Meera! I’m so excited to keep working with her! Thank you, Meera!


Georgia, USA
Success Stories Page - User
Success Stories Page - User

Meera is an excellent coach. She is very easy to talk to, and it’s clear that she gives 100% to her clients. We were able to create a plan that I am excited to make a reality 🙂 Thank you Meera 🙂



Montreal, Canada

Meera is an extremely talented coach who helps translate mind blocks into positive action. In our sessions, she uses guided imagery and other visualization techniques to empower me to steer myself toward the thoughts that are my true reality and away from looping, negative stories that have held me back.


Success Stories Page - User
Success Stories Page - User

Meera gently leads me into identifying my long-term vision for myself and how I could work towards it. Meera has a strong intuition and our discussions help me reflect internally at a deeper level.





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